Does celebration station serve alcohol?

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Limited Service Available:
We are offering beverage services daily, including a great selection of craft and domestic beers, delicious daiquiri's and margarita's.

What does Celebration Station have?

Celebration Station offers nine cages that include slow, medium & fast pitch available in baseball and softball. Great for individual batting or team practice. Guests are welcome to bring their equipment or use ours.

How much does Celebration Station cost?

it will cost $199.99 for the first 10 guests. Any additional guest will be charged $17.99 each. In a birthday celebration each person in the party will Receive: Bottomless Soft Drinks, 60 minutes.

When did Celebration Station close?

My initial shock: When Celebration Station closed in 1999, it had only been open for 7 years.

Is Celebration Station still around?

The Celebration Station theme parks do still exist and there are five locations around the country, with one in Texas. ... Some attractions at the amusement park include arcade games, batting cages, bumper boats, eurobungy, GoKarts, laser tag, miniature golf, paintball and kiddie rides.

We Both Get A Mini Golf Hole In One at Celebration Station!

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