Does clown college exist?

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It was billed as the first and only professional school in the world devoted exclusively to training its students in the art of circus clowning. Clown College, which begins its 1995 session this August and is now located in Baraboo, Wis., has graduated more than 1,250 clowns in its 27-year history.

Do clown colleges still exist?

Situated in Venice, Fla., the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College celebrated its 15th anniversary this past fall. ... Aware of a need to preserve this fading art, Feld founded the only clown college in the world. Today there are over 800 alumni.

Is clown college harder to get into than Harvard?

Statistically it's harder to get into Clown College than Harvard based on the number of applicants compared to the number of people that got in. And it was free to go, provided that you were accepted, back in 1996 and '97, when I found out about it and they didn't have tuition.

How much does it cost to go to clown college?

Tuition is $180 plus $22 for a background check and includes class time, starter make-up kit, textbooks, alley membership dues and a t-shirt.

Can you get a degree in clowning?

An Associate Degree in Clown Arts is obtainable in two ways. Anyone who has been clowning for 3 years or more can take the “basic clowning” test, which allows them to essentially "test out" of taking the Basics 101 Training Track. The Associate Degree will be awarded after this test is passed.

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