How do spell connecter?

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One who connects. same as connector. A device (or, more precisely, a mating pair of devices, often a plug and a socket) for connecting together two wires, cables, or hoses, allowing electricity or fluid to flow but also allowing easy disconnection and reconnection when necessary.

What is a connecter mean?

Definitions of connecter. an instrumentality that connects. synonyms: connection, connective, connector, connexion.

What does I have a connect mean?

to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind: to connect the two cities by a bridge; Communication satellites connect the local stations into a network. to establish communication between; put in communication: Operator, will you please connect me with Mr.

What is the noun for connect?

connection. (uncountable) The act of connecting. The point at which two or more things are connected. A feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people.

What type of word is connected?

united, joined, or linked. having a connection. joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas.

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What kind of verb is connects?

[transitive, intransitive] connect (A to/with/and B) to join together two or more things; to be joined together The towns are connected by train and bus services.

Can we connect now meaning?

connect (up) with (someone or something)

To have a positive or meaningful connection with someone, often quickly.

What is mean by connected via?

adj. 1 joined or linked together. 2 (of speech) coherent and intelligible. 3 (Logic, maths) (of a relation) such that either it or its converse holds between any two members of its domain.

Why is connection important?

But connecting with others is more important than you might think. Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems. By neglecting our need to connect, we put our health at risk.

What makes someone a connector?

“A connector is simply someone who is relationship-focused in her/his approach to life, to people, and to business. He/she has a certain way of thinking and behaving. They act and get results with ease because they have a level of credibility and trust in and from their network.

What is another name for facilitator?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for facilitator, like: facilitators, trainer, practitioner, educator, evaluator, mentore, tutor, mentoring, mentor, facilitation and counsellor.

Is connecter a real word?

con•nect•er (kə nek′tər), n. connector.

What is a connecter in an essay?

English connectors are little words and phrases that help you connect sentences and even paragraphs. They're used both in conversations and in writing. With the help of connectors, your essays automatically become more logical and structured. One sentence automatically leads up to the next.

What are examples of connectors?

List of Sentence Connectors in English with Examples
  • HOWEVER. This restaurant has the best kitchen in town. ...
  • IN CONTRAST. House prices have gone up this year. ...
  • NEVERTHELESS. I was in so much pain I didn't want to get up in the morning. ...
  • YET. ...

Is via short for something?

Via is defined as through or by way of. An example of via is when you get to California by driving through Nevada.

What is connected with the word simple?

Simple describes something as being easy to understand or do, as being plain or not elaborate, or as being ordinary or common. The word simple has many other senses as an adjective and a noun. ... In this sense, simple is a synonym of words such as easy and uncomplicated.

How do you use the word connect?

The two bones connect at the elbow. The hose connects easily to the sprinkler. The bedroom connects to the kitchen. I never connected you with that group of people.

What is it called when you connect with someone?

An emotional connection is a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, having fun together, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like you're connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting that deeply.

Can I connect with him?

To have a positive or meaningful connection with someone, often quickly. I just don't connect with those people—I doubt we have anything in common.

How do you respond to shall we?

(An alternative "Yes, please" that works for most "shall we" questions is also rather an unfitting reply in this case, I think.) Is there a (bit) more formal way to say "yes" in response to a "shall we" (without sounding like a mock reply, such as "Yes, we shall")? Help, please!

What are the 20 linking verbs?

Here is the list: Be, am, is, are, was, were, has been, any other form of the verb “be”, become, and seem. There are other verbs that can be both linking verbs and action verbs. All of the sense verbs; look, smell, touch, appear, sound, taste, and feel can be linking verbs.

What is the verb form of decision?

decision. verb. decisioned; decisioning; decisions. Definition of decision (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb.

What is the verb of requirement?

require. (obsolete) To ask (someone) for something; to request. [14th-17th c.] To demand, to insist upon (having); to call for authoritatively.