What is a screw pin?

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On a screw pin shackle, a threaded pin is inserted through the ears and tightened down. Screw pin shackles are quick and easy to connect and disconnect so they're convenient for rigging that is used for “pick and place” applications or when slings and other hardware are often changed out.

What are the 3 types of shackles?

Essentially, there are three basic types of shackles used for lifting: Bow (also known as anchor), Dee (or chain), and Grab shackles. All three types have a “U”-shaped body and a pin. Their size is determined by the diameter of the body material, rather than the diameter of the pin.

What does 3 shackles in the water mean?

1 shackle = a length of cable or chain equal to 15 fathoms (90 feet or 27.432 meter). “3 shackles in the water” means that a ship has passed 3 shackles (of anchor chain) into the water. It relates to the turning circle a a ship at anchor has.

What does a shot mean when anchoring?

A shot of anchor chain is measured either in fathoms or feet. Each shot is 15 fathoms or 90 feet long, which for all you mathematical types equals six feet per fathom. ... Another 90 feet of chain is connected with a blue detachable link with three white links on both sides.

What does two shots mean on below deck?

Below Deck fans are used to hearing the captain tell the deck team to give him a certain number of “shots” when they lower the anchor. ... “Anchor [chains] are painted different colors to indicate how much chain you have out,” he replied.

Shackles: The difference between screw pin, bolt-nut, and cotter pin

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What is a shackle pin?

A shackle, also known as a gyve, is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. The term also applies to handcuffs and other similarly conceived restraint devices that function in a similar manner.

How tight should the pin of a screw pin shackle be?

The screw pin threads shall be fully engaged and tight and the shoulder should be in contact with the shackle body. Thus, contrary to popular believe, you should never back off the screw pin before use. The shackle pin should be a minimum of hand tight before the lift begins.

What is a seizing wire?

Seizing Wire is a safe option for keeping shackle pins in place. This wire is stainless steel annealed and available in multiple sizes and lengths.

Why did slaves wear shackles?

Iron wrist shackles with a locking end clamp date back to the seventeenth or eighteenth century and bear witness to the cruelty of slavery. These shackles were used in the African slave trade; similar kinds of restraints were employed to punish uncooperative slaves.

What is a green pin shackle?

The Green Pin® Bow Shackle BN is a bow shackle with a safety bolt. The shackle offers a double safety (split pin and safety bolt) which prevents accidental unscrewing of the pin. Long-term durability is assured due to the galvanization of the Green Pin® Bow Shackle BN.

What does mouse the pin mean?

Mouse or Mousing (screw pin shackle) is a secondary securement method used to secure screw pin from rotation or loosening. Annealed iron wire is looped through hole in collar of pin and around adjacent leg of shackle body with wire ends securely twisted together.

What are D shackles used for?

Both refer to the “D” shape design. A D-shackle is narrower than a bow or anchor shackle and generally has a threaded pin or pin close. The smaller loop is designed to take high loads primarily in line. Side and racking loads may twist or bend a D or chain shackle.

What are bow shackles used for?

They are primarily used to link different equipment together in rigging systems as they can be removed and attached easily. Bow Shackles can also be used to recover vehicles as they can cater to most vehicle weights available.

What are chain shackles used for?

Chain & D-Ring Shackles

Chain shackles, or D-shackles, are used to connect lifting components in a wide range of rigging, lifting, and material handling operations. Chain Shackles are narrower than anchor shackles with smaller loops designed to accommodate high loads for in-line/straight pulling applications.

Can shackles be used pin to pin?

When point loading shackle to shackle, connect bow to bow or bow to pin. Never connect pin to pin.

What type of shackle should be used for hoisting loads?

For overhead lifting use shackles with pins made from alloy and the shackle body from forged carbon steel that has been heat-treated. For industrial lifting applications, along with tie-down and towing, these forged shackles are superior.

How do you not use a shackle?

What should you avoid when using shackles?
  1. Do not use screw pin shackles or fit pins in contact with moving parts if the pin can roll and unscrew. If the load shifts, the sling will unscrew the shackle pin.
  2. Do not use round pin shackles restrained only by a cotter pin for overhead lifting.

What is the difference between a clevis and a shackle?

Shackles and clevises are U-shaped mechanical couplers closed by a pin or bolt. ... Shackles are primarily used in construction, rigging and lifting. A clevis is used in less demanding applications such as farming and towing.

What is the difference between chains and shackles?

As nouns the difference between shackle and chain

is that shackle is a restraint fit over a human or animal appendage, such as a wrist, ankle or finger usually used in plural, to indicate a pair joined by a chain; a hobble while chain is a series of interconnected rings or links usually made of metal.

Is Captain Lee a real captain?

In short, yes, Lee is actually a yacht captain in real life and is not just "acting" for Below Deck. Lee has more than two decades of experience in the yachting industry, according to Bravo.

What does two shackles in the water mean?

A shackle actually connects two lengths (shots) of chain, so when you watch the chain release, you can see one, two, three, etc. shackles pass by and know how much chain is out.

How much is a shackle in yachting?

A nautical unit used for measuring the lengths of the cables and chains (especially anchor chains), equal to 15 fathoms, 90 feet or 27.432 meters.