Which is noun for busy?

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the quality or condition of being busy.

Can Busy be used as a noun?

We use “busy” to describe 3 different types of noun: 1) A person. 2) A period of time. 3) A place.

Is busy an abstract noun?

Busy is not an abstract noun. Instead, busy is an adjective.

What is adjective for busy?

Choose the Right Synonym for busy

Adjective. busy, industrious, diligent, assiduous, sedulous mean actively engaged or occupied.

What is called Busy?

Some common synonyms of busy are assiduous, diligent, industrious, and sedulous. While all these words mean "actively engaged or occupied," busy chiefly stresses activity as opposed to idleness or leisure.

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What do you call people who are always busy?

busy bee. noun. informal someone who is always busy doing things.

What type of adverb is busy?

busy is an adjective and a verb, busily is an adverb:He is too busy to see you now.

What is the comparative adjective for busy?

replace the -y with -ier or -iest in the comparative and superlative form: busy - busier - busiest.

How do you describe very busy?

"Hectic" means to be very busy and full of activity. We also use the word "hectic" to talk about our day.

Is problems an abstract noun?

For example 'thought', 'problem', 'law', and 'opportunity' are all abstract nouns.

What is the abstract noun for wise?

Option (c.), 'Wisdom' is an abstract noun form of the verb 'wise' which refers to the quality or the capability of using knowledge and/or experience to make decisions. Hence,So, the correct answer is “Option c”. as it is the only abstract noun form of the word 'wise'.

What is the abstract noun for bitter?

back to the question the abstract noun for bitter is BITTERNESS.

Which type of noun is speak?

As detailed above, 'speak' can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: Corporate speak; IT speak. Verb usage: I was so surprised I couldn't speak.

What is the noun of Marry?

marry is a verb, marriage is a noun, married is an adjective:She wants to marry you. They had a difficult marriage. A married man can't have another wife in this culture. ... to take as a husband or wife; take in marriage:Susan married Ed.

What is the plural of busy?

Noun. busy (plural busies)

Is Lazy A adverb?

lazily \ -​zə-​lē \ adverb We walked lazily down the path.

What do you call someone who is hard working?

diligent, industrious, conscientious, assiduous, sedulous, painstaking, persevering, unflagging, untiring, tireless, indefatigable, studious. energetic, keen, enthusiastic, driven, zealous, busy, with one's shoulder to the wheel, with one's nose to the grindstone. archaic laborious.

What do you call someone who gets things done?

The adjective proactive can describe a person who gets things done. ... Active means "doing something." The prefix pro- means "before." So if you are proactive, you are ready before something happens.

Who is the busy person in the world?

Matt Moran. The Busiest Man in the World.