Which tram to docklands?

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Tram. Catch the free No. 35 City Circle Tram to Docklands (from Flinders, Spring, Victoria, Nicholson or LaTrobe streets) along Harbour Esplanade and Docklands Drive to NewQuay and Waterfront City.

Where does City Circle tram go?

It takes in all of La Trobe Street, Harbour Esplanade and Flinders Street. It follows Spring Street between Flinders and Bourke Streets, but travels along Nicholson Street and Victoria Street before turning into La Trobe Street.

Is there a train in Docklands?

These Train lines stop near Docklands: LILYDALE, MERNDA, SUNBURY, UPFIELD, WILLIAMSTOWN.

What tram goes down Smith Street Collingwood?

The 86 is the first Tram that goes to Smith Street in Collingwood. It stops nearby at 15:11.

What tram goes down Victoria Street?

Catch Route 12 trams to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, St Vincent's Hospital, Polly Woodside, South Melbourne shopping precinct and Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

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What tram stop is IKEA Richmond?

What's the nearest tram station to Ikea in Richmond? The 25-River Bvd/Victoria St (Richmond) station is the nearest one to Ikea in Richmond.

How often does the 86 tram run?

The 86 tram (Bundoora RMIT) has 69 stations departing from D11-Waterfront City/Docklands Dr (Docklands) and ending in 71-Rmit/Plenty Rd (Bundoora). 86 tram timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 00:09 and ends at 23:50. Normal operating days: everyday.

What time do trams start running in Melbourne?

Trams and Trains

Train and tram services run between 5am and midnight, Monday to Thursday. Melbourne has 24 hour public transport on weekends. Trains run hourly and trams every 30 minutes during the weekends across the city.

What major train station is closest to Docklands?

The D2-Central Pier/Harbour Esp (Docklands) station is the nearest one to Docklands in Docklands.

How do I get to Docklands from the city?

  1. Tram. Catch the free No. ...
  2. Train. Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer Street Station) is Melbourne's main rail interchange for suburban, regional and interstate trains and is located right on Docklands' doorstep. ...
  3. Getting around. ...
  4. Bus. ...
  5. Skybus. ...
  6. Night Network. ...
  7. Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle. ...
  8. Bicycle.

Who owns Metro Trains Melbourne?

Metro Trains Melbourne is 60 per cent owned by Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation, and the remaining 40 per cent is shared equally by UGL Rail Services and John Holland.

Are all Melbourne trams free?

Travel on all* trams is free in Melbourne's Central Business District and Docklands. ... *All trams includes new (pictured above) and City Circle trams. Free Tram Zone Boundaries. The zone includes ALL trams within the boundaries of Spring Street, Flinders Street and La Trobe Street.

What number is the free tram in Melbourne?

35 City Circle (Free Tourist Tram)

What time do the free trams stop in Melbourne?

City Circle Trams operate in both directions approximately every 30 minutes between 10am and 6pm from Sunday to Wednesday and between 10am and 9pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday.

How far is bundoora from the city?

The distance between Bundoora and City of Melbourne is 15 km. The road distance is 17.2 km. How do I travel from Bundoora to City of Melbourne without a car? The best way to get from Bundoora to City of Melbourne without a car is to line 86 tram which takes 1h 5m and costs $5.

Does Melbourne tram?

Trams are a major form of public transport in Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria, Australia. As of May 2017, the Melbourne tramway network consists of 250 kilometres (160 miles) of double track, 493 trams, 24 routes, and 1,763 tram stops.

What tram goes down Clarendon Street?

Melbourne tram route 12 is operated by Yarra Trams on the Melbourne tram network. It operates from Victoria Gardens Richmond via Collins Street and Clarendon Street South Melbourne to St Kilda.

Is IKEA Richmond Open Covid?

As government restrictions ease across Victoria, IKEA is very happy to reopen our doors and welcome back customers to visit IKEA Springvale and Richmond. If your 365-day returns and exchanges period is almost over (or has just finished), we'll extend this period by 3 months, so there's no need to rush.

How do you get to Port Melbourne from the city?

How to get to Port Melbourne Town Hall in Port Melbourne by Bus, Train or Tram?
  1. Bus: 234, 235, 606.
  3. Tram: 109.

Where are Melbourne's trains built?

X'Trapolis trains are built in Ballarat, supporting hundreds of local jobs, including the wider supply chain.

What is the longest train line in Melbourne?

Platform One at Flinders Street Station is the longest railway platform in Australia and, at 708 metres long, the 4th longest in the world. This platform stretches the length of two city blocks from Swanston Street to the end of Queen Street.

Where are Victorian trains made?

Designed and manufactured predominantly in Victoria, the new trains will provide a vital boost to the state's advanced rolling stock manufacturing industry – particularly in regional Victoria, with at least 150 of the new jobs to be based at Alstom's Ballarat facility.

What tram goes to South Wharf DFO?

Tram numbers 96 and 112 stop opposite the Clarendon Street entrance of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Alternatively, tram number 70 stops at the end of Flinders Street.