Who can be confirmer for revalidation?

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You need to be in a position to confirm that the nurse, midwife or nursing associate has met the revalidation requirements (see pages 12-20). Most confirmers will be the nurse, midwife or nursing associate's line manager and be very familiar with the their practice.

Who can act as Confirmer for revalidation?

Your line manager is an appropriate confirmer, and we strongly recommend that you obtain confirmation from your line manager wherever possible. A line manager does not have to be an NMC-registered nurse or midwife.

What can I reflect on for revalidation?

  • Practice hours.
  • Continuing professional development.
  • Practice-related feedback.
  • Written reflective accounts.
  • Reflective discussion.
  • Health and character.
  • Professional indemnity arrangement.
  • Confirmation.

What are the revalidation rules for registered nurses?

  • 450 practice hours, or 900 hours if renewing two registrations (for example, as both a nurse and midwife)
  • 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory learning.
  • Five pieces of practice-related feedback.
  • Five written reflective accounts.
  • Reflective discussion.
  • Health and character declaration.

Can you use mandatory training for revalidation?

These can be used as evidence of continuing professional development for your revalidation. Mandatory training that is not directly related to your practice (for example, fire training or health and safety training) cannot be included as part of your CPD.

How to revalidate with the NMC - Revalidation requirements for Nurses explained

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Can you hand write revalidation?

If you are used to keeping your revalidation evidence in a paper portfolio you can continue to do this. All of the NMC's forms and templates can be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand.

What can be classed as CPD?

Activities such as on the job learning, projects, problem solving, research, conferences, mentoring, volunteering, technical learning, management training and so much more – all count as valid CPD.

What counts as participatory hours NMC?

Participatory CPD hours according to the NMC document on how to revalidate with the NMC means any learning time in which you personally interacted with other people. It is an activity undertaken with one or more professionals or in a larger group setting.

How do you write a reflective revalidation account?

The reflective account needs to be a brief example (or examples) of something that happened in the previous year, specifically thinking about why you did what you did. You then need to explain how you are meeting one or more of the three standards for pharmacy professionals (see Box 1).

How do I start my NMC revalidation?

10 ways to prepare for revalidation
  1. Sign up to NMC Online and check your renewal date. Use NMC Online to manage your registration. ...
  2. Find out the requirements. ...
  3. Know the Code. ...
  4. Think about feedback. ...
  5. Find time for reflection. ...
  6. Start collecting evidence. ...
  7. Speak to colleagues. ...
  8. Identify a confirmer.

How is John's model of reflection used?

Johns' model is useful in that it encourages reflection taking into consideration a range of standpoints, and that the reflector is provoked to consider the impacts of their actions not only on other people, but on themselves in respect of their own values.

What does the RCN say about reflection?

Reflection, in a professional sense, should be purposeful, focused and questioning. Many nurses believe that they reflect regularly; however, for this to be purposeful they are required to ask what happened or what might happen, what they are doing or did, and how that relates to their objectives.

What is CPD in nursing?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is how nurses and midwives maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

What does this doctor is subject to revalidation?

Where a doctor's registration status includes the term “this doctor is subject to revalidation”, this means that they are required to undergo this revalidation process. These doctors still hold a valid licence to practice.

What is revalidation nursing?

Revalidation is the process of renewing your registration as a nurse and a process which must be completed every three years. It is a structured, formal process with evidence reviewed and confirmed by your Line Manager.

How early can I revalidate NMC?

Your revalidation application is due on the first day of the month in which your registration expires. For example, if your renewal date is 30 April, your revalidation application date will be 1 April. You can find out your renewal date by checking your NMC Online account.

What does the NMC say about reflective practice?

Reflection allows an individual to “continually improve the quality of care they provide and gives multi-disciplinary teams the opportunity to reflect and discuss openly and honestly”, said the NMC.

Why should nurses reflect NMC?

Reflection allows you to make sense of a situation and understand how it has affected you. It allows you to identify areas for learning and development to include in your professional development objectives and supports sharing and learning from other professionals.

What is an example of reflective practice?

Examples of reflective practice

An example of reflective practice is an athlete who, after every practice, thinks about what they did well, what they did badly, why they did things the way they did, and what they can do in the future to improve their performance.

What is classed as participatory learning NMC?

“Participatory learning includes any learning activity in which you personally interacted with other people. It is an activity undertaken with one or more professionals or in a larger group setting. ... 'The professionals that you engage with through participatory learning do not have to be healthcare professionals.”

What counts as CPD social work?

CPD is the reflection and learning activity that social workers undertake throughout their career to maintain and improve their practice. It is an important part of a social worker's professional standards.

Do Webinars count as CPD?

Attending e-courses and watching webinars

Virtual events also count towards your CPD; you don't physically have to be at a venue in order to learn something new.

Who needs to undertake CPD?

It is generally governed by sector-specific professional bodies or regulators. Employers also increasingly expect their staff to undertake CPD, and may even measure them on it. Anyone who is a member of a professional body is likely to have CPD requirements laid out for them by the body, rather than by their employer.

How do you prove evidence of CPD?

  1. Information leaflets.
  2. Case studies.
  3. Critical reviews.
  4. Policies or position statements.
  5. Documents about national or local processes.
  6. Reports (for example, on project work or audits or reviews)
  7. Business plans.
  8. Procedures.

Is CPD equivalent to NVQ?

CPD as mentioned previously stands for Continuing Professional Development. This is a way to track or record activities that are taken both formally and informally after your initial training or qualifications. ... Any course other than a qualification that you attend is not equivalent to or similar to an NVQ level.