Why is digory crying?

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When the two children meet, Digory has clearly been crying; Polly discovers that Digory is sad because his mother is dying. Digory lives next door to Polly with his Aunt and Uncle, who are caretakers for his sick mother while his father is away in India.

Why was Digory crying before he met Polly for the first time?

When Polly first meets Digory, why has he been crying? Because he feels miserable about being in London, he doesn't like living with his aunt and his mad uncle, his father is away, and his mother is dying.

What happens to Polly at the end of Chapter 1?

When it is clear that the children are ill-at-ease, Uncle Andrew feigns indifference and offers Polly a ring (from which there is a humming sound emanating) as a gift. As soon as Polly touches the ring, she disappears.

What happens to Polly when she touches the yellow ring?

Polly was about to touch her yellow ring to go back to the wood between the worlds when sudenlly, Digory grabbed her rist to stop her. Just then, he rand the bell and the floor broke.

How does Uncle Andrew manipulate Digory?

How does Uncle Andrew manipulate both Polly and Digory into participating in his experiment? He tricks Polly by offering her one of the shiny yellow rings which she was looking at.

The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

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Why did Digory think that his uncle Andrew was mad?

3. He had to come to London to live with his Aunt and "mad" Uncle because his Mother is ill and going to die.

What does Uncle Andrew think of Jadis?

Uncle Andrew is a coward in this chapter because he is scared of queen Jadis. He is so scared that he becomes queen Jadis' servent. But when the queen arrives Andrew is bowing down to the queen. Andrew thinks that she looks pretty aswell as Digory used to.

How old is Polly Plummer?

In The Last Battle. In The Last Battle, the final book in the series (both chronologically and in order of publication), Polly is an adult of 60. She remains in contact with the other British "friends of Narnia" and is present with them when the apparition of Narnia's King Tirian appears to request their help.

How did Digory break the spell?

How did Digory break the spell and awaken the witch? He sneezed. He gave the witch a kiss on the cheek.

How old are Diggory and Polly?

He and Polly (age 60 and 61), both become young again, and are dressed as royalty (and referred to as Lord Digory and Lady Polly). They are thus allowed to take up eternal lives in New Narnia.

How did Tom escape Aunt Polly?

Answer: Tom escapes over the fence.

What happens when Digory strikes the bell with the hammer?

Digory, enchanted by the great hall, insists that they strike the bell. When Polly argues and tries to put on her yellow ring to leave the world, Digory physically prevents her and simultaneously rings the bell. The ring of the bell becomes increasingly loud, until a large portion of the ceiling falls.

What made Aunt Polly take her stick?

Answer: Aunt Polly raised her stick high to punish tom. First, Aunt Polly attempts to beat him for hiding in the jam closet as she called for him. Later, she beats Tom for dropping the sugar bowl—even though Sid is the one responsible.

What did Polly discover about the attic room?

They often play in Polly's attic, where Polly has built a small fort on the rafters in a narrow hidden passageway. Digory and Polly discover that they can walk through the passageway and reach the attics of the adjacent houses.

What did Uncle Andrew tell Digory about the box dust?

Uncle Andrew tells Digory about his godmother, Mrs. Lefay. ... After a lifetime of learning about magic, Uncle Andrew found a way to convert the dust into magical rings--the yellow ones send beings into the other world, and the green ones allow beings to return to our world.

What happens in Chapter 7 of The Magician's Nephew?

Chapter 7 begins with Queen Jadis impatiently requesting her transportation, while Aunt Ketty scolds Jadis for her disrespect. Jadis attempts to use her magic to turn Aunt Ketty to dust, but finds that her magic doesn't work on earth, and settles with throwing Aunt Ketty across the room instead.

What did not happen when Digory returned home?

Which one of these did NOT happen when Digory returned home? His mother was healed. His father was coming home a rich man. He figured out that he could get back to Narnia by going into a wardrobe in his house.

What mistake did the witch make when trying to get Digory to eat the apple?

While Digory has narrowly avoided the temptation to selfishly eat the apple himself, he is far more tempted to pit his mother's wellbeing against the protection of Narnia. The Witch makes a great mistake by saying this. She doesn't know that Polly could get away by herself by using her own ring.

What is the secret of the Deplorable Word?

The Deplorable Word was a spell from the now-dead World of Charn. If spoken with the proper ceremonies, this word would destroy all living things in the world, except for the person who spoke it.

How old is Lucy Narnia?

Pevensie to America and Peter studies with Professor Digory Kirke, Lucy (age 11), Edmund and their cousin Eustace are drawn into Narnia through a magical painting in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Do Polly and Digory end up together?

As it turns out, they did get married and she was living with the Professor.

How old is Edmund Pevensie?

Edmund was born in 1930 in Finchley, England, (according to the film series) and he is 14-years-old when he appears in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

What happened to Uncle Andrew in Narnia?

Following the ordeal of Uncle Andrew's brief visit to Narnia, however, he forswears all magic and spends his later years with Digory and his family, becoming a kinder and less selfish old man.

How did Uncle Andrew get the rings?

The rings were created on Earth by Andrew Ketterley (in Earth-year 1900) from a magical dust that he had discovered in a box left to him by his godmother, Mrs. Lefay, who was part Fairy. ... When he first opened it, he found some kind of dust inside, which he instinctually knew was magic.

How does Uncle react when he first meets the Queen?

When uncle Andrew meets queen Jadis what was his reaction? Wow! He was impressed by her beauty and how she was royal. He was also scared of her strength and power.